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The Same Quality and Customer Service that Goes into our Components Goes into our Assembly and Finishing Services

We know that OEMs want to reduce spending and improve their production process. Our assembly services can help you save time and money. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing partner, we consistently uphold strict standards through our established process controls and quality systems. Our facility offers a clean assembly area for medical and electronics assembly and a separate area for soldering, gluing, brazing or any other process that creates waste.

Full Assembly
From pressing or screwing parts together to valve assemblies, applying lubricant (such as Teflon for frictionless gliding) and electromechanical assemblies, we offer full assembly services. For equipment that has to withstand liquid or gas pressure, we perform pressure testing to ensure a tight seal. 

Sub Assembly
Let our team assemble the components that we’ve made.

Kit Assembly
We can procure and put all of your parts together—cleaned, bagged and tagged—for easy assembly on your end.

Finishing Services
We can provide fully finished parts including metal plating, painting, powder coating, anodizing and hard coating.

Not sure how to direct or certify a vendor for assembly work? Ask us! We wrote our own instruction manuals and have been audited and certified by existing customers. Contact us today!

We Work with You. Whether you need blanket orders, long-term contracts, Kanban orders, just-in-time shipping or have any other special requirement, we make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Hardy Machine combines state-of-the-art equipment with over 60 years of manufacturing expertise, unrivaled industry knowledge and outstanding customer service. That means production and quality you can trust.

Industries We Serve


We create components for medical equipment manufacturers that require high-quality, tight-tolerance parts that will interact with liquids or gases such as anesthesia machines or monitoring and metering components. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures compliance to the strict as-built records and traceability requirements required by the industry.

Fluid & Gas Control

We can manufacture all of your critical components such as flowmeters, flow switches, level and interface switches, gas flow transmitters and much more. We are experts in components that must perform under the high or low pressure of liquids and gases.


We are leaders at high-speed machining, high-speed milling and high-speed engraving with small tools or micro-tooling (1/4″ and under). We understand that finishes and edges are critical because of the sensitivity of electrical components and we have the state-of-the-art equipment, materials expertise and assembly skills (including both clean and dirty assembly areas) to take the job from start to completion—plus the quality control and documentation you require.


Our work for the semiconductor industry is focused on creating parts for measuring, monitoring and metering the dispersion of gases for your assembly area to ensure you have a clean environment.  We are experts in manufacturing components for gas detection and solvent vapor monitoring.


We produce precision-machined components that can stand up to the high and low pressure of liquids and gases. Hardy Machine has the expertise to understand the finishes and edges required for electromechanical assemblies. We understand the materials that meet the strength-to-weight ratio required for aerospace design specifications.

Transit / Rail Vehicles

Hardy Machine can manufacture all of your critical components for measuring and monitoring your transit / train hydraulic systems such as brakes, fittings, valves, suspensions, meters and regulators. And, because of our history, we even have deep expertise in door parts for older trains that use pneumatics to open and close doors.

Water Purification

Hardy Machine can manufacture and assemble critical components for clean water such as chlorinators, valves and inline ultraviolet sterilization equipment using plastics and a variety of metals. We welcome on-site customer joint inspections required by the Government and the equipment manufacturing standards of the water purification industry.